Ameristain, LLC Warranties

Roofing Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Shingle manufacturers will provide a warranty on the product itself. This means that, if properly installed, they will guarantee their product against defect or failure. Warranties can also be purchased in limited or extensive levels of protection. 


  • Certainteed - SureStart™ protection until the home goes up for sale. Has benefit of transferring CertainTeed’s warranty to the new owner.

  • SureStartWarranty 

  • All Warranties

Workmanship Warranty


Ameristain, LLC agrees to warranty the workmanship of all full shingle and residential metal roof replacements for a period of five years. In the event of roof leakage due to a workmanship issue, Ameristain, LLC will repair the responsible area of the roof and, if there is damage to the interior, make necessary repairs to the areas immediately affected. A workmanship issue is, in our definition, an issue caused by the improper installation of the shingles or other component of the roof. It is important to note that not all leaks are the result of workmanship issues and may not be covered under the warranty. In the result of a warranty claim Ameristain, LLC. will give precedence to customers under warranty and previous customers over other service calls. The warranty period begins at the time of purchase and only after payment has been received in full.  

In no event will Ameristain, LLC, its subcontractors, or Client be liable for consequential, incidental, indirect, punitive or special damages, or loss of profits, data, business or goodwill, regardless of whether such liability is based on breach of contract, tort, strict liability, breach of warranties, failure of essential purpose, or otherwise, and even if advised of the likelihood of such damages on any product or services. The warranty period begins at the time of purchase and only after payment has been received in full. Warranty is void if any product or service has been tampered with or worked on by any other persons other than Ameristain, LLC. 


1. Exclusions From Coverage.

This 10 year workmanship warranty only covers issues resulting from improper installation of the roof. Ameristain, LLC will not be responsible for:

1. Extreme Weather Events: Ameristain, LLC will not be held liable for leaks or damages from extreme weather events such as high winds ( in excess of the amount the shingle is rated for by the manufacturer warranty ), hail storms, ice dams, tree damage, tornadoes, etc. Ice damming or any water intrusion as a result of it is not covered under our workmanship warranty; it is the result of ice freezing at the edges of the roof and blocking ( creating a dam ) water from draining off of the roof.

2. Failure of Other Systems: Ameristain, LLC will not be held responsible for the failure of other items on and related to the roof including gutter back ups and skylight leakage ( unless the skylight was installed by our company and is still within the workmanship warranty period ), or as a result from improper design and execution of the roof by the engineer/builder prior to your roof replacement or repair.

3. Work By Other Contractors: Ameristain, LLC will not be held responsible for leaks as the result of work performed by other contractors. This includes faulty installation of gutter guards, carpentry work, HVAC work to units on the roof, and satellite dish installation, etc.

4. Material Defects: Ameristain, LLC will not be held responsible for defects in materials used on the roof. All such claims would be made until the material warranty from the manufacturer.

5. Neglect: Ameristain, LLC will not be held responsible for major interior damages that are the result of issues that were not reported in a timely fashion. Must be reported within 24 hours of occurrence.

6. Ameristain, LLC will not be held responsible for damage to or defects due to settlement, movement, distortion, deterioration, cracking, or other failure of the roof deck or of the roofing system due to natural causes or damage caused by the growth of mold or mildew.

Please report all issues immediately to Ameristain, LLC. at (972) 802-4187 or at info@ameristain.us

For all other warranties visit www.ameristain.us